I Had A Life, But My Job Ate It

It was on the Jeep in front of me, read at a red light on Cranberry Highway. White letters on a blue background, on the bottom of the back door. When I saw it, I was thinking about the calls and emails I had to make today – trustee matters, first steps in a new library/school project, reminders for tomorrow’s meeting.

Earlier in the drive, it was thoughts of tomorrow’s Bible study: Hannah’s story. Before that, writing the mental list of things that need to be done in the learning garden before a service day brings a dozen or more high school learners into it.

I don’t think any of these tasks eat away at my life. I am happy with the time I spend on and at work. It adds something to my life, and it’s a way to serve God and neighbor. But I don’t have a forty hour a week job, or a fifty or sixty hour a week job. Or two jobs to keep a roof overhead. I have the time and energy to work for what I value rather than what pays bills. It has the disadvantage of no money, but the great blessing of time well spent.

If I were to put this bumper sticker on my car, I’d have to change it:

I Had A Job, But My Life Ate It

2 thoughts on “I Had A Life, But My Job Ate It

  1. bill albritton

    I was never very good at separating my life from my job or vice versa, though I understand how one could look back and wish they had spent more time with family and friends–as CS&N might put it “time we have wasted on the way.” I love this song but never quite “got it”–it even suggests that we can make up time we have wasted–or one of my least favorite expressions–killed. Killing time? As I look back in retirement, it strikes me that all of it was important. I used to think you had to be productive all of the time–even that sleep was wasted time. Now I know how important just sitting by myself in thought, reading, working on a puzzle or even writing this is to who I am. I am just grateful for the time I do have– to do or not to do. Thanks for taking the time to write something that stimulates my thinking, Johnna. It’s a real blessing!

    1. Johnna Post author

      Thank you, Bill! Your words always give me a different understanding of my own writing and a deeper understanding of the subject – a gift, indeed! peace, Johnna


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