About the Author

My name is Johnna Fredrickson. Thank you for visiting my blog.  I began A Pen and a Prayer to write about matters of the heart, mind, and spirit. The posts are meant to be the beginning of a conversation more than a monologue. I welcome the thoughts of those who visit – a gift to me and others!

My Background

I received a PhD in Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. My focus area is Practical Theology, and my major field Christian Education. I have taught in seminaries and churches, led retreats, and worked for denominational bodies. In 2010, my book How the Other Half Lives: the challenges facing clergy spouses and couples was released. In recent years, I’ve served as a director of lifelong education for a Episcopal church, written pandemic and family friendly curricular materials. I’ve also co-led a garden-to-story-to table program for pre-school learners at the Wareham Free Library.

I live in Vermont with my husband. We have two adult sons who live in New England.

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