Bethleham Bound 2020

When does the journey to Bethlehem begin? The usual answer: the first Sunday of Advent. That’s when the first Advent candle is lit, and it’s when the color of the altar cloth and stoles changes to blue (purple). I guess it’s as good a beginning as any other.

But aren’t we always Bethlehem bound? In some part of our soul, don’t we seek the Christ Child from the moment we enter the world until we bid it farewell with our last breath? We don’t define or confine our journey to God-With-Us to a few weeks at year’s end: we honor our life-long seeking God-With-Us by sharing the journey with our companions. For just a few weeks, we walk together; through the same Bible passages, through the lighting of candles and the sharing of prayers.

This year, walk with us. It won’t be the same if you’re not here.