Walking Wareham

I’ve always been a walker, a townie familiar with the ¬†streets in my zip code. For almost twelve years, that town has been Wareham, Massachusetts. It’s a typical old New England Seacoast town – lots of water, trees, and old houses. It’s far from perfect, but I love it.

I walk around Wareham several times a week, passing houses and businesses, churches and the hospital, seeing cars and bicycles. Every building holds the sacred stories of those who live there, those who lived there in years past, and those who visit. Tragedy, joy, indifference, laughter – it’s all a few steps down the road. And so is God: walking with me, holding the sick and scared in Tobey hospital, blessing every home and yard.

What about your street? I’m sure it holds as many stories as mine. Send them along, if you like…

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