Advent 2014

It is our season of expectant waiting. It comes with Mary’s courageous yes – God’s great love and mercy enter human form. With Jesus, the entire creation is changed!

God is so easily lost in the holiday shuffle, and our holy lives are reduced to a trek through blinking lights, inflatable snowmen, and pre-lit faux balsam wreaths. How can we find the humble stable when so many things distract us? One way is keeping a daily meditation time. A prayer, a reading, and a time to quiet the soul keep our pilgrim feet on the path to the manger.

From November 30th through Christmas, A Pen and a Prayer offers daily scripture lessons and a meditation. It is the work of many hearts, souls, and hands. In faith and prayer this Advent devotional was created, and in faith and prayer may you receive it.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

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