The Word of the Lord

Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13; Jeremiah 1:4-10; Acts 11:19-26

In this passage and others in the Book of Jeremiah, the prophet said “The word of the Lord came to me thus..” But, Jeremiah does not say how the word of the Lord came to him, only what he heard from God. Did an angel appear to him like He did to Mary and Joseph? Did God speak through a burning bush as He did with Moses? Probably not. It is more likely that the word of God came to Jeremiah as a still small voice in his heart during a quiet time of prayer. Jeremiah was listening and was open to God. However, Jeremiah was not passive in this relationship. He had a dialogue with God. He trusted God enough to question God: “I know not how to speak.” Perhaps he was trying to avoid the role of prophet that God had called him to.

The word of God comes to each of us in a unique way because we are each God’s special creation. The word could come in the stillness of our hearts, in scripture, through the voice of a family member or friend, while listening to the daily news, or in nature through the chirp of a bird. The ways God gets our attention are limitless. Sometimes the word is consoling and at other times it is challenging.

During this Advent season take some time to reflect on how God is speaking to you. Are you listening? Are you questioning? Are you responding? God is waiting.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

Offered on December 5, 2014, by Ann Fowler, spiritual director, praying presence, child of God.


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