Shelter, Peace, Sleep

Shelter me under the protection of your wings that I may lie down in peace and sleep.

May I lie down in peace, Lord Jesus. It’s time to give the day back to you. If I hold onto the day, I’ll keep its problems and joys, and they will keep me up. Tomorrow isn’t here yet and today is gone. It’s in this in-between place that I will find peace.

May I sleep, Lord Jesus. It isn’t just the day’s events that keep me up; sometimes it’s scary dreams or monsters hiding under the bed and in the closet. Let me close my eyes and sleep, giving you my unconscious fears. What I imagine in the dark can be so much worse than what is there.

Shelter me under the protection of your wings, Lord Jesus. The world is so big and I am so small. Keep me safe at your side. Keep me so close that all I see and feel is you. Amen

A Prayer for Children

Lord Jesus Christ, you received the children who came to you, receive also from the lips of your child this evening prayer. Shelter me under the protection of your wings that I may lie down in peace and sleep. Awaken me in due time that I may glorify you, for you alone are good and love all people.

Prayer from Daily Prayers for Orthodox Christians (N. Michael Vaporis, ed.; Hellenic College/Holy Cross Greek School of Theology, trans; Brookline, Massachusetts: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 1986, 2010 reprint), pp. 19, 23 See “Prayers At Night” for more in this series.

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