In due time

Awaken me in due time that I may glorify you…

In the last few years, it’s made daytime television, lifestyle magazines, and Sunday paper science sections: Americans aren’t getting enough good sleep. Too many late nights and early mornings, too much screen time, inconsistent mealtimes, too few days off and not enough exercise. Sadly, it isn’t just adults who suffer from lack of sleep; many children don’t get enough sleep. Whether it’s too many extra-curricular activities, getting dropped off early to a pre-school day program, or just too much homework at night, too many of America’s children are losing precious sleep. For a variety of reasons, the daily patterns of many Americans disrupt their nightly ones.

When I don’t get enough sleep, I lose patience with myself and others. I have little tolerance for even the smallest of inconveniences. I complain more, internally and externally. I don’t appreciate the beauty of the moment, and for all the blessings I’ve been given I’m truly ungrateful. With too little sleep, I get through my day rather than live it. I don’t love my neighbor or myself when I’m exhausted, and I don’t spend much time thinking about God (much less glorifying..).

Awaken me in due time that I may glorify you…such a small phrase, such a wise petition. Sleeping and waking in due time makes of my life something that glorifies God. Losing sleep isn’t gaining anything if my soul gets lost along with it.

A Prayer for Children

Lord Jesus Christ, you received the children who came to you, receive also from the lips of your child this evening prayer. Shelter me under the protection of your wings that I may lie down in peace and sleep. Awaken me in due time that I may glorify you, for you alone are good and love all people.


From Daily Prayers for Orthodox Christians (N. Michael Vaporis, ed.; Hellenic College/Holy Cross Greek School of Theology, trans; Brookline, Massachusetts: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 1986, 2010 reprint), p. 19

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