The tradition in my house for birthdays and other special days: the honored person gets the day off from all household chores, and gets to decide what to eat. From appetizers and snacks, through entrees, sides, and dessert, it’s all selected by the honoreeĀ  and made by someone else. SomethingĀ became very obvious when this tradition started, and continues to the present:

If we are grateful for our lives, enough is as good as a feast.

If we are not, no feast will ever be enough.


2 thoughts on “Enough?

  1. Bill Albritton

    Beautiful–thanks. Now for a bit of humor?–Retired football coach Lou Holtz who was brought up in poverty used to say in spite of that they always had enough to eat–he knew that because when he would ask for seconds his father would say “no, you’ve had enough”.


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