Line seven

In unforeseen events let me not forget that all are sent by thee.

I had planned on writing about joining the Tappan Zee parking lot club  or the submarine stuck in the mud, but today took an unexpected turn…

My son forgot his lunch box, so I drove to his school to drop it off, running into the Donuts for Dads school event. I arrived at Persy’s Place Restaurant five minutes late, just in time to hold the door for someone loaded down with packages. My friend Heidi took a call from a mutual friend – a chance for me to say hello. Some call such things serendipity, but back to the day….

I was back on schedule, until green lights got me to my library meeting in time to see an eight month old girl pull herself up and stand on her own two feet – an everyday miracle. Then I forgot my phone, so my husband got a call. My husband called home as I was going out the door, putting me on the road a bit late to pick up my son. Unexpected snow came down, so the cars  moved slower than usual. As I drove on Federal Furnace road, fireworks lit up the four-thirty sky. Ten seconds later, they were gone. If Jared hadn’t forgotten his lunch, who would have held the door? If I’d remembered my phone, I’d have missed the fireworks. Lunch, doors, babies, calls, fireworks.

My day could have been different, but it wasn’t. Today brought difficulties and delights because of something unforeseen. Had the day gone according to plan, I would have missed the door, the baby, and the fireworks. Then again, I would have seen other miracles. Perhaps no better, perhaps no worse. Either way, grace enters.

I have the grace of this life because of events seen and unforeseen. It could have been different, but it isn’t. I see that as grace, and I don’t want to forget that God sent it my way.

One thought on “Line seven

  1. Bill Albritton

    Ain’t it the truth! And is it not that very same grace that enables us to see these events in life as grace? Cool!


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