Home Among Strangers

Most come from Afghanistan, but a few are from Haiti, Mexico, and Guatemala. I see them walking in Bennington and Manchester, and hear their mysterious, beautiful languages. They are here because they cannot stay at home. The reasons are many and full of sorrow – oppressive regimes, religious fervor, no way to make enough money to survive.

As a Navy brat, I grew up moving every year and a half – new schools, new accents, and new homes. But I always knew the local language and my family could always go back to our home community to visit family and friends. It wasn’t always easy, but it was quite an adventurous way to grow up.

With the climate bringing destruction and violence common in many places, the number of people forced to make their home among strangers is only going to increase. I pray that I can find ways to make my new neighbors feel welcome, not as permanent guests but as family.

From Jane Goodall’s A Prayer For World Peace; Hong Kong: Minedition, 2015. For more on this and the rest of the series, click threeP’s above.

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