Eyes Wide Open

Open wide the eyes of my soul that I may see good in all things

I keep a card that my friend Penny sent me in 1992. I doubt she thought much of it at the time – we exchanged cards and letters often; I’m sure she didn’t think that I’d still have that card almost 30 years later.

I keep that card as a bookmark. It reminds me of the joy and laughter Penny brought to our friendship, and it reminds me of the transient nature of all things (Penny died in 2001). Penny wasn’t without her flaws – no one is – but she made the world better for her being in it. She made my world better for being in it. If I looked only for the  small imperfections, I might have missed that great, good truth.

I keep that card for the saying on the front: What you see has more to do with the eyes through which you look that what you look upon.

I keep that card for the parting words inside as well: Love, Penny

I pray that the eyes of my soul are open enough for me to love the world I see, even when I have to look for good among the not-so-good. I pray that I hold to that good, so that when I leave this life, my last offering for everyone and everything is Love, Johnna

[For the complete prayer, click For Today: Phillips Brooks Prayer above.]

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