Be Brave

Be brave.

My upstairs neighbor, George Greer, said that the first time he said goodbye to my nine month old son, Colin; they were his parting words to Colin every time after. I thought it was an amusing way to part company with a baby at the time, but over the 20+ years since, I’ve come to see it as a powerful benediction:

Be brave. Take on the day’s adventure  – who knows what will happen on any given day, in any given minute? Do the work which may be necessary but won’t always be easy or fulfilling.

Be brave. Don’t hide who you are. Meet whomever and whatever comes as your true self, not hiding behind a mask.  The world may knock the stuffing out of you sometimes, but it will also provide steadfast companions to help you on your way.

Be brave. Don’t live a lesser life because a deep one involves loss and pain. You can change the world in ways no one else can, but it takes some fortitude.

Be brave. With God’s help, be brave.

Let me not turn coward before its difficulties or prove recreant to its duties. 

[For the full prayer, click For Today: Phillips Brooks prayer above]

5 thoughts on “Be Brave

  1. Robin Nielsen

    Maybe your neighbor George was anticipating the possibility that Colin might join the service, as many young men did when George was a young man, and become a soldier.
    Or we can say to each of us “Be brave” because, as a good friend of mine would often say : “Life is hard”.* Whenever he would say these words he said them with a bright smile as though he accepted this and was okay to carry on nevertheless and Be Brave.
    * Last week Frederick Buechner’s morning quote was titled “Life is hard” also.

    1. William H. Albritton

      Hi Robin!
      Thank you for your comment. I like that your friend would say “Life is hard” with a smile. I’ve never quite understood that phrase, I mean, isn’t life just, well, life? Life can be, as the old song says, “just a bowl of cherries”. Life can be beautiful as the Italian comedy movie of some twenty years ago termed it. Perhaps the best phrase is from Rascal Flatts: “Life is a Highway”. It “can” be lots of things I suppose. I also suppose a lot of what it is is up to how we frame it. One person’s “hard” can be another person’s “bowl of cherries” maybe. Say, could you post Buechner’s piece–he’s a favorite of mine?

      1. Robin Nielsen

        Hi Bill,
        When I was looking for the daily quote I realized it was not from Frederick Buechner but from Richard Rohr, Monday March 30, titled for the week Reality Initiating Us. He was clearly referring to our dealing with this pandemic virus invading our lives. (I apologize for my confusion with the 2 writers/theologians. I am glad you inquired about this phrase.) I did forward the passage “Life is hard” from Richard Rohr CAC to my friend because it reminded me of him many years ago in the 70’s especially when we worked together as child care workers in a wonderful and special home for foster children. Life was hard for them but we as child care workers took care of them so they knew they were loved. I hope you can find the passage from 3/30/20, unless you have already read it. If not I will still try to send it to you. ~Robin

        1. Robin Nielsen

          I too Bill admire Frederick Buechner and what he has to say. Sometimes he writes one line that makes me laugh. Not an easy thing.
          But one more thing about “Life is hard”: my friend said these words with an acceptance but all will be okay even if life is hard. (I don’t think God meant for life to be “easy”). Life was not easy for Jesus, but he persevered nevertheless. We can too! Right?
          It has been nice to chat with you Bill!
          Maybe someday we will all get together!

          1. William H. Albritton

            So true–nothing easy about taking up the cross and following Jesus–yet he also says his yoke is easy and his burden is light. I imagine that to mean we don’t have to go through life without his help as a yoke is made for two–and I’m not good at asking for help. It would be great to get together.

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