Worth the Effort?

This card appears to be a reworked photograph; the background is muted as if wrapped in fog coming off the snow. The foreground tree and snow are covered in glitter-infused powder. I doubt my photo catches the sparkle of the snow on the ground and tree boughs – subtly made of blue, green, and palest pink glitter. It’s a wonderful rendering of something I’ve experienced many times: snow beauty.

But coming upon such a vista isn’t without effort. Snow shoes, skis, boots, and a willingness to leave the warmth of home and the plowed and sanded sidewalks are required. The cost includes cold nose and toes, tired legs, elevated heartbeat, and steaming breath. Is it worth it for a momentary glimpse of nature’s glory?

To find myself in the middle of breathtaking beauty. To see this old familiar world made new by a snowy prism blanket. To be reminded that adverse conditions bring gifts nothing else can.

Do I believe it’s worth the effort – this momentary glimpse of beauty? Absolutely. How about you?



2 thoughts on “Worth the Effort?

  1. Yes, it is definitely worth the effort of warm boots and mittens, layers of clothing, to venture outdoors and be mesmerized by the beauty of new snow clinging to rows of evergreen trees. This is exactly what happened last week when I decided spontaneously to drive down a forest road that I had only driven down once before many years ago. It was a wonderful and magical adventure.

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