Angels In Our Midst

Snow Image, January 2023

I’ve known two people who could see auras, sometimes around people they knew and sometimes around strangers walking down the street. Neither saw them all the time, and neither talked about it much – it made too many people nervous. The same goes for a couple of people I know who have the gift of healing through touch. All four were quite sure that these spiritual gifts weren’t a sign of superior spirituality, and all were emphatic that they weren’t something that was earned or deserved. These four have offered God’s love in uncommon ways, and have made the world a better place for the sharing of their gifts.

Most of us haven’t seen any members of the heavenly host winging through the air, bearing greetings and do-not-be-afraids to those who are asked to go on a mission from God. But we have seen messengers who bring a word of assurance and loving touch when we are afraid, and a steady if small light when we are in dark places. Such angels may not be sporting wings or haloes, but they bring with them a glimpse of God’s presence – and they leave behind the impression that something holy has visited us.

2 thoughts on “Angels In Our Midst

  1. David Anderson

    Yes, I’ve also known people like that, who had some form of preternatural perception. Since I am not in that number, I am grateful to have them in my community because it confirms the reality of my little epiphanies when I get a glimpse of what they seem to see more fully.

    1. Johnna Post author

      So true! Perhaps it makes us more likely to notice and have those epiphanies? Thanks, David. Peace, Johnna


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