Inscrutable Things With Us

You are always doing great and inscrutable things with us, glorious and wonderful, and without number.

[For the full prayer, click St. Basil’s Prayer: Lent 2024 above.]

Inscrutable – impossible to understand or interpret; impenetrable; incapable of being analyzed or investigated.

I don’t think this means that God is doing things in a devious way, or with the intention of keeping us ignorant of divine actions. I think it’s more a matter of scale and depth. I can no more comprehend the great things that God is doing with us than I can view the entire state of Vermont from my living room window. I can only see a part of it because my life is held in its geographical embrace. What I see is real and true, but the view is limited and my understanding equally limited. I’m in no position and in no shape to claim anything I experience as universal or all-encompassing.

I hope I remember this when I am tempted to discount the ideas and vantage points of others.

I hope I remember this when I am tempted to limit God’s great doings with us to God’s great doings with me.

My Vermont View

2 thoughts on “Inscrutable Things With Us

  1. Bill+Albritton

    Inscrutable–totally beyond our comprehension–how can we mere mortals possibly “get it”? Yet ever so often–a spark–a moment of divine bliss–the so-called “gestalt”blooms like some miracle in the desert–voila! That’s it–I DO get it! A tiny speck of heaven.A blessing–that inscrutable ,loving pat on the back.


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