Bless You!

We bless you, O God, most high and Lord of mercy.

I’m used to God blessing, and people blessing all manner of life and situations in God’s creation. I’m comfortable with any and all of that. But we the creatures blessing God? I’m not used to that, and the words feel strange in my mouth when I’m praying them. Until I remembered something that happened in December, 1986.

I had just fed and changed my three month old niece, Jill. When I picked her up and held her, she did something I’ve never forgotten. Resting her head against my shoulder, she reached up and over, and patted me on the back. A simple gesture that conveys comfort and deep love; something Jill had received for her whole life, something she returned to me in that moment and in many moments to come. Even now, tears come when I remember that marvelous gift of love.

I’d like to think God feels the same way when I offer a blessing as I did so many years ago when Jill blessed me with a pat on the back.

[For the full prayer of Saint Basil, click Basil’s Prayer above.]

Mary and Child by Margaret Hill

2 thoughts on “Bless You!

  1. David Anderson

    That moment with Jill almost brought a tear to MY eye. How an infant could bless a woman—what a great metaphor for how we might bless God. I keep forgetting that this is all a live story, this religion stuff. 🙂


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