Bath Time!

It’s one of the great comforts in life – sinking down into a steamy bath on a cold night (or a cool one during a heat wave). We are formed in water in our mother’s womb, so perhaps taking a bath is a reminder of our beginnings. For whatever reason, it’s a wonderful to end our day the way we began our lives.

It takes about twenty minutes for our bodies to become soft enough to slough off the skin cells covered with the grime of the day. A little soap on a face cloth does the rest, and we emerge restored in body; if we use the time in the tub to let go of the day, we can emerge with soul and heart refreshed as well.

We baptize with water as an outward act of a inward transformation. I wonder why I’ve never thought to take bath time as a way to remember this sacrament until now…


2 thoughts on “Bath Time!

  1. bill Albritton

    Just lovin’ the Every School Day series. real and relevant to everyday challenges and blessings. Stirring up experiences that make up a life and reminding me of how to honor them as the stuff that life is made of–and, wow, that old blessing for mealtime. I hadn’t thought of that in ages.
    Thank you, Johnna.

    1. Johnna Post author

      Thanks, Bill! I’ve had a lot of fun writing this series, and it has been a wonderful way to remember some of the every day blessings I’ve experienced – and still do! peace, Johnna


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