That’s the Bell

The notes of the bell or buzzer travel throughout the school building, spilling onto the grounds and into neighboring yards –  the audible signal that the school day is ended, and that it’s time for learners and teachers alike to leave the classroom behind. Life is more than a classroom, and it cannot be contained in school-shaped buildings. It’s time to leave it behind, until the next school day.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a school bell equivalent for the rest of life? A bell rings, and it’s time to leave the unfinished work at the office; a buzzer sounds, and it’s time to stop cleaning the house. For many of us, there’s no bell or buzzer to remind us that life is more than whatever work we are currently doing – that life is more than this one thing, and that it cannot be contained in any work-shaped box.

I like working, and I enjoy accomplishing my goals. I don’t want to shirk my responsibilities or burden others with my tasks. I want to work hard without being a workaholic. But sometimes the line between the two gets blurry, and I could really use a bell to sound when I cross it. I think that’s why I say the same prayer every morning. Two of its lines are: In all things, help me to rely upon thy holy will. In every hour of the day, reveal thy will to me. 

If I do my best to rely on God’s will, and humbly ask that it be revealed to me throughout my day, I swear I can hear the school bell ring when it’s time to put down my work  – until it is time to pick it up again on another day.

Great God, give me ears to hear your voice as I seek to order my day. My endings and beginnings are yours. Amen.

2 thoughts on “That’s the Bell


    Even with a bell it’s hard for me to let things go. I might miss something. Or I say to myself just a few more minutes and then it’s three hours later. When I am in these modes I am usually having fun as well as working whether for a job or a cause. And sometimes I’ll look up at the clock and notice it’s 3:18 a.m. (which is what it is while I am writing this). I need to have a healthy balance and I definitely feel God trying to push me towards a balance of my time. Of course keeping room for Him.

    Funny thing is I scanned through many of your posts and picked this one to read! It has been an ongoing discussion between my mom and me for months.

    1. Johnna Post author

      Isn’t it strange – how we read something related to what’s been in our minds and hearts. I’m never sure if it’s just a result of reading through the lenses of current interest and need whatever we pick up, or if it’s an almost unconscious gravitation toward what we seek. Either way, the Spirit surely works well through it. peace, Johnna


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