It’s short for God be with you.  If I truly, intentionally thought God be with you every time I parted from relative, friend, and stranger with this most common saying, who knows what blessings might come of it?

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I am a Christian educator and writer.I have worked in churches, denominational offices, and seminaries. I have a PhD in Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary, with a focus on Practical Theology and educating in faith. In 2010, my book, "How the Other Half Lives: the challenges facing clergy spouses and partners," was published by Pilgrim Press. I believe that words can build doorways that lead to encounters with God through the Spirit.

2 thoughts on “Good-Bye!”

  1. Perhaps each time we say “goodbye” we could put our imagination cap on before, during and after we speak the word, yet think “God be with you”. Maybe something to try.

    1. Very true! It’s a wonderful way to remember the blessing when we say the short-hand version…peace, Johnna

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