Prayer at Night

The day is done. It’s time to let it go, close our eyes, and give ourselves over to sleep. For the next few weeks, I’m going to say this child’s prayer instead of my usual ones:

Angel, Guardian, keep and preserve all of us from every evil, sickness, and grief.

Help us, O Lord, to be good, obedient, and kind.

I thank thee, O Lord, for all good things thou hast sent me during the past day. Let me spend this night in peace, and protect me from all harm. Amen.

Won’t you join me in prayer?

[FromĀ A Manual of Eastern Orthodox Prayers, Crestwood, New York: Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1991, p. 16]

2 thoughts on “Prayer at Night

  1. Johnna Post author

    Thanks, Anita. It’s one of my favorite prayers in one of my most used prayer books. I picked it up years ago as a dissertation resource. I had no idea what a spiritual resource it would become for me. Peace, Johnna


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