Welcome, Jesus!

Readings: Isaiah 62:6-12; Psalm 97; Titus 3:4-7; Luke 2:8-20

Glad tidings of great joy! Jesus has been born to us! Merry Christmas!

Boney M, Mary’s Boy Child/ Oh My Lord, Sony Music Entertainment, 2010, available on itunes]

[Holy Family, by Margaret Hill]

[Nat King Cole, A Cradle in Bethlehem Christmas for Kids, Capitol Records, 2000]

2 thoughts on “Welcome, Jesus!

  1. Drew Lench

    In the past 46 years of my nursing career, I’ve never been more moved by an experience occurring on Christmas Day than what took place this year.
    While driving into my 3-11 shift with Joel, Christmas music playing in the background, he kissed me and wished me a good shift, encouraging me to bring much needed joy to my patients. Yes, I would spread joy, I thought but as was often the case, I knew that it was my patients who brought ME joy on many of my Christmas’s past. This evening, I hoped for both.
    As I road the elevator up to my unit, I knew that only the sickest patients would be required to remain in the hospital on Christmas Day. I was hopeful that CP, a young pregnant mother with serious health issues would be assigned to my care. I loved caring for her. She was a bright light. Faithful and grateful; she was optimistic and focused on her current pregnancy, 2 year-old daughter and beloved husband. Though her chronic illness was life threatening, she never doubted God’s presence or love. We often prayed together. On several occasions we shared stories of our faith, our respective parishes, our families, and our mutual understanding of the importance of religion in our lives.
    Shortly after arriving on my unit, I noticed an unusual sense of calm. Christmas music hummed from the portable desk radio, a small lit tree in the corner of the nurses’ station twinkled and as I reached for a hanger to hang my coat, a co-worker hugged me, wished me a Merry Christmas and encouraged me to go see CP who had been asking for me.
    As I approached her room, I hoped that she was feeling well and that her family had arrived. I was greeted by her husband who ushered me into the room where I noticed CP sitting in a wheelchair. Through her pallor, I could see she was in pain. I was confused, not yet having heard my shift report, it was not immediately clear what was happening. I reached for CP and while hugging her, she softly spoke into my ear,
    “ Drew, our son was born this morning!” she whispered. Her baby had been born 6 weeks early, healthy and absolutely beautiful. “A true Christmas blessing, he was born just after midnight, his middle name is Emmanuel and he is in the NICU,” his proud Dad announced.
    With my heart full and eyes tearful, I congratulated them while immediately being reminded of one of my very favorite Christmas songs…..!
    Oh My Lord/Mary’s Boy Child
    Thank you Johnna for sharing this link. I absolutely love the song and from now on when hearing it, I will also be thinking of my beautiful and courageous patient whose baby boy was born on Christmas Day. I will never forget this patient, her family or how we were both blessed on Christmas.

    1. Johnna Post author

      Thanks for sharing your story, Drew. I hope CP and family are all doing well. What a great connection to one of my favorite Christmas tunes. Peace, Johnna


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