Things Handed Down

Were he still alive, my father would be 76 years old today. With his birthday being so close to Thanksgiving, it’s a simple thing for me to remember him with deepest thanks. Because of him, I am a part of a loving family. I didn’t choose them and they didn’t choose me, but this unplanned life has been nothing but a blessing.

My mother is 76 years old. Because of her, I am a part of a loving family. I give thanks for such a blessing every day.

The same can be said of all those who came before me, unfamiliar names on a family tree that handed down my particular genetic pattern. How can I be anything but thankful  – to those with me, to those who came before me, and to the God who made us all?

Marc Cohn, The Things We’ve Handed Down, The Very Best of Marc Cohn, 2005

4 thoughts on “Things Handed Down

  1. Bill

    What a wonderful message–poignant yet very uplifting and SO true. Was not familiar with the Marc Cohn piece but how beautifully earthy and heavenly at the same time. Thank you, Johnna.

  2. Debbie Hill

    Hi Johnna….. thank you so much for sharing that beautiful song. It touched some distant places in my heart, and may definitely become part of my repertoire!


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