I love you! See you after school!

My parents (and grandparents, when my family lived with them between moves) said these words to me through and beyond my growing up years. No matter what happened during the day – good, bad, or indifferent – I had been sent out from and would return to a family that loved me. It’s the everyday miracle of offering and accepting love each morning, and the assurance that a warm welcome awaited at each day’s end. Did my parents realized how important it was for me to hear this daily benediction? Did I?

It’s such a powerful gift and a difficult revelation to say I love you, even to someone who already knows it and has said the same to us. The words don’t come easy. It’s even more difficult to say I love you while looking in the eyes of a beloved other. To be seen and loved, to see and love another – that’s nothing short of holy. To know that returning home at the end of the day brings the same blessing of seeing/being seen and loving/being loved – that’s a reminder that holiness embraces and infuses each day from beginning to end.

I love you! See you after school! Maybe life itself is God’s version of these words, spoken in air, light, flesh and blood. I love you! My love goes with you into this life and I will see you when your life’s adventures bring you back home to me. 


3 thoughts on “I love you! See you after school!

  1. Robin Nielsen

    I believe one can never say “I Love You “ too much! It never gets overused or over spoken, or over-written in cards or letters (emails or texts), especially with family! With good friends we must convey that we really mean it somehow and not take those beautiful words for granted! I really love the phrase “Love you to the Moon and Back” ! It is very special and very heartfelt! ~ Thank you for your thoughtful message Johnna. ~ Love, Robin


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