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Beautiful View

It’s been six days since the big move, and things are getting into some kind of shape in the new place. We have more boxes unpacked than full, and we’ve managed to cook a couple of meals in the new kitchen. Still, most of the spaces have boxes against the walls, and there are tables and other items clearly out of place because no place has been found for them. I’m happy with the progress in this moving process, but there isn’t a single room that is anything close to tidy or put together. The chaos isn’t large-scale, but it is pervasive.

When I need a break from the mess and toil of moving, I take a minute to look at something beautiful – two somethings, actually. The back porch view is the first:

Coming in or going out to the back porch, I pass the dining table. When Leslie dropped off flowers, she also left beauty that uplifts my spirit. It is the second:

Soon the rooms will be in good shape, and my days will return to their typical activities. I hope I don’t forget how a vase of flowers kindly given, and a few minutes outside transformed my days when I really needed it.