I will try this day to live a simple, sincere, and serene life…

[A Morning Resolve, Forward Day by Day, November 2019 – January 2020, inside cover]

Merriam Webster’s definition of Sincere

A. Free of dissimulation: Honest

B. Free from adulteration: Pure

C. Marked by genuineness: True


I will be who I am, fully and completely. I won’t offer a false version of myself to others. I will be faithful to the world and those around me, as best I can. 

When others share their true selves with me, I’ll do my best to be worthy of their sacred gift.

[For the full prayer, click A Morning Resolve above.]

2 thoughts on “Sincere

  1. Deanna Nealey


    Thank you for the sincere thoughts — I will share them with my faith group–Also, sending gratitude for sharing your husband, David, with our Christ Church community–

    Sincerely sent,

    1. Johnna Post author


      You are welcome! Thank you for reading this piece. Dave and I are both blessed to be part of Christ Church’s ministry – and grateful! peace, Johnna


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