Metaphysical Exercise

With the need to keep social distance to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, and the need to get some exercise in relative isolation, my son and I decided to try a couple of the Audubon trails off Great Neck Road. A quarter of a mile out, we started passing parked cars – dozens of others had filled the parking lot and trails. We kept driving. Instead, we tried a trail through Minot Forest.

Within a dozen steps we were enveloped in the quiet of the trees. We walked this way and that, hiking uphill and down on narrow and wide trails, eventually finding a pond. Birds called, a breeze moved the tree tops, and light fell softly between branches – a hidden sanctuary less than a mile from Wareham center. I doubt we walked a tenth of the trails through the forest, so we’ll return soon and often. If not for the restrictions on the usual activities, I don’t know if we’d have ever found this soul soothing sanctuary.

Such an extraordinary revelation of beauty and nature reminds me of just how mysterious my little town is, and just how much there is left to explore – an exercise in spiritual awareness and humility that requires only a little time and legwork. What a beautiful way to care for body, mind, and soul.

Image by Jared Fredrickson

3 thoughts on “Metaphysical Exercise

  1. Robin Nielsen

    A beautiful photo by Jared!
    I’m so glad Johnna for your unexpected spiritual discovery, almost in your “own backyard”.
    Our daily lives right now seem to be offering many interesting and thoughtful experiences.
    Positive things are clearly evolving from this difficult situation our society is dealing with together.
    God is with us.
    Peace, Robin

  2. AnitaTrottier

    Johnna, for years we lived right down the street from Minot Forest. My son and his friends spent hours in this playground called Minot Forest.
    The picture that Jared took brought back wonderful memories that I haven’t thought of in years, . Thanks for the memories.


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