Lift us to glory

Transfigured Yeshua, lift us to glory…

(Offered by Bill Albritton, pray-er and child of God)

A few weeks back the Church celebrated the Transfiguration. In the last writing, we pondered the Light of the world. I often think of Peter’s reaction to the event up on that high mountain (most scholars assume Mount Hermon here which reaches  a height of some 9,000 feet—rarefied air for a rarefied event). He so reminds me of me, always feeling that he has to do something or say something even though he has no concept of the appropriateness of his words or actions. Peter wants to memorialize the moment but Jesus must move on. No time to dilly dally—the cross awaits. The Voice in the cloud tells Peter, James and John in that mountain top experience to “listen to him!”— “Peter (me), stop talking about things you know nothing of and listen to Jesus.” If we do this we will catch a glimpse of glory, indeed. Tonight may I take a moment to listen to Transfigured Yeshua, experience the attendant glory of that moment, and fall asleep in his arms, blessed and kept.

Friend and Lover, bless us and keep us; Light of the world, shine on our faces; Transfigured Yeshua, lift us to glory. May the darkness of night deepen and dazzle.

Prayer at Night’s Approaching, Jim Cotter (Morehouse Publishing, 1998)



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