Driving Home: Scotland Bridge Road

Yesterday, I drove past the house I called home forty-nine years ago. It’s a ranch, medium size, nestled in the trees. It sits at the middle of Scotland bridge road, halfway between where the river meets tidewaters and an old community church. Although you can’t see it from the road, there’s a lovely path through the woods, babbling brook included. Only a couple of miles from the Atlantic, you can smell the salty sea on most days.

It’s a typical Maine house, with nothing to distinguish it from dozens of others in York. When I turned onto Scotland Bridge road, I wasn’t even sure I’d recognize it. There are a few more houses on the road, and the ones I remember don’t all look the same. New paint colors and a few additions have added a layer of unfamiliarity to many of them. But it was still a home and a road in a town that I called mine.

Watching maple leaves drift groundward at the place I now call home, I see that my memories are that house on Scotland Bridge Road. They’ve changed over time and distance, with new layers added that weren’t really there when I was living among them. But the heart is the same: my soul recognizes the place I once called home.



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    1. Thanks, Bill. It was a beautiful drive down Scotland Bridge Road, and through some wonderful memories. Peace, Johnna

  1. Johnna, it is a small world for sure. I know Scotland Bridge Road in York Maine very well. My sister Ursula’s oldest and best friend since childhood Sandra (LaBonte) has lived at #105 Scotland Bridge Road for the past 50+ years with her husband Fred. They raised 4 wonderful children in this sweet ranch, over the years acquiring 2 major additions. The first was a barn style with cathedral ceiling which I remember my parents raving about and the second was an apartment built for Sandra’s mother who I called Auntie Alice. My family and I had been vacationing at our cottage in York Beach for many years, where I have many fond memories. Soon after Sandra and Fred bought their house, we were all invited to a summer “beauty” gathering just for the women, both young, old and in between. I was 14 that summer 1969. Sandra didn’t have much furniture at the time, some folding beach chairs in the dining room for us to sit on. But, just the same I remember it was such a fun time because there was so much laughter, especially from Sandra, always jolly and outgoing.
    Coincidentally, Sandra and her first child Richie both have the same birthdays as you and I, Johnna, January 7.
    It is very possible that at the time I was there in Sandra’s little ranch house, you were playing nearby in your little ranch house living on Scotland Bridge Road.
    Serendipitously, maybe we were at Long Sands Beach, visiting Nubble Light or the Goldenrod at the same time and we didn’t even know it.
    Life is full of so many happy and fond memories of places we have experienced. Thank you Johnna for sharing your childhood story of a special place we both know. Peace, Robin

      1. So, yesterday afternoon I checked in my address book for Sandra and Fred. LaBonte. They live at #31, more at the beginning of Scotland Bridge Road.
        I noticed you took this special trip 2 years ago to see your childhood home. Coincidentally and serendipitously 2 years ago in August when Ursula who lives in California came to visit my sister JoAnn and I, we decided to spend some time in York Maine. We planned to visit Sandra who helped us find some reasonable accommodations in York Beach. We stayed right on Nubble Road, very nice. We met up with Sandra at her house, where I too noticed the view of the salt marsh across the street from standing in her driveway ~ so peaceful and so like beautiful Down East Maine. York will always have a special place in my heart as well as in my sisters’ hearts. I am so glad Sandra still lives on Scotland Bridge Road. Next time I get to make the trip to York I will definitely drive the whole road!!

        1. Hi Robin,
          I actually took the drive this past Monday – just tagged it with Thanksgiving, 2018. You have sharp eyes! My grandmother and her second husband lived in a house right at the turn from the coast road to the Nubble. I have wonderful memories of visiting there, and of visiting the Nubble on may occasions. It’s been redone since I was a child, and much improved! peace, Johnna

          1. So fun to visit and go down memory lane!! Wonderful for you Johnna!
            Thanks for including me ~ one more place, maybe right by your grandmother’s house ~ Cutty Sark Motel, a gem!

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