Walking the Walk

An almost-healed ankle sprain has me walking a bit slower than usual, and taking advantage of the many benches Manchester’s downtown offers. That’s how I ended up in this spot on Saturday, seated on one stone bench and facing another – a pause between the bookstore and the woodworkers’ shop. What has hindered my activities for weeks has also opened spaces in going from one item on my to-do list (Easter cards) to the next one (box for organizing). Had I not needed to stop, I wouldn’t have noticed the beautiful curve of the walkway I was soon to take.

The curve itself is an example of functional beauty, but it also offers something in its curvature: a change of perspective for anyone who walks it. What a lovely way to be reminded of the world that lies between point A and point B – and what a grace it is to spend time in the in-between part of the journey.

Letting go of what doesn’t matter: The frustration of moving slower than usual.

Loving what does: The beauty that a slower pace and curved path offer.

2 thoughts on “Walking the Walk

  1. David Anderson

    Just yesterday Pam and I were creating a path, and we had made it more of less straight, and we realized–or Pam did anyway–that straight paths aren’t very beautiful, and not very realistic either. So we put two long curves in it.

    1. Johnna Post author

      Lovely! The aesthetics of geometry and engineering really make life a lot more beautiful…peace, Johnna


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