Three Perfect Imperfections

Readings: Isaiah 12:2-6; Amos 8:4-12; 2Corinthians 9:1-15

Today is our wedding anniversary, 44 years the morning of this day December 10, 1977 ~ something special about double digits.

I did most of the wedding planning myself during a 6 week period. I worked in Boston at the time, so I knew where I could go to order the invitations. I decided not to include a reply card – a little less expensive. (1)

Well, I realized I probably should have; but, then I learned from my very dear friend Nancy’s mother, that by proper etiquette, when a special wedding invitation is received, a personal note or card is to be sent by the recipient. So…in came the personal reply notes and cards, all saying “yes, we are coming to your wedding”!!

My parents helped the location of the reception; the German Club (BSV) in Walpole. The 3-piece German band would be included, with one member Willy, being a good dear friend of my Aunt Sissy. However, he was not used to being a master of ceremonies, one that would introduce the wedding party and newly married couple into the large reception room. Well, it happened…our dear friend Bill (who sang “Ave Maria” in the church) jumped into the rescue with mic in hand and graciously made all the introductions happen!! (2)

Carl and I first when we were usher and bridesmaid together at our friends’ wedding one and a half years before. Carl asked me to show him how to waltz. This I did and it was very nice to dance with Carl, seeing how much he enjoyed learning. 

At our wedding, we did not have an actual favorite dance selected as our first dance. Well, Carl had already made the selection, first in the church, feeling comfortable to ask the organist at Christ Church, Hyde Park where he kindly asked her to play Edelweiss as the prelude. So, at the reception, our first dance was a waltz to Edelweiss! (3)

This photo here is of the most perfect embrace by my perfect mother on a perfect wedding day!!

Offered by Robin Nielson to light our path to Bethlehem.

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