So Much Sunshine

Hester van Huyssteen.

Hester moved from South Africa to Princeton when her husband became a seminary professor. As one of the student managers for dining events on campus (and the only seminary bartender), I’d see her at the occasional faculty function. No matter the occasion, the air felt a little bit lighter whenever she was there.

Dinner at her home was no different. Whether I was there as a guest or there to serve guests, Hester had a way of bringing life and light to all who came through the door.

Some people just have a way of restoring the sparkle in life. Not optimism or humor, really – just a twinkle in the eye and a brilliance to the soul. They come in all shapes, sizes, and ages – and they make the world so much better for being in it.

To hold this world lightly but not take it lightly is a rare and beautiful thing. Sunshine incarnate. When you see such a one, you’ll know it. And your life is the better for it.


2 thoughts on “So Much Sunshine

  1. Robin Nielsen

    Hester sounds like a gentle, but strong and confident, woman, with a gift to greet each student with a lovely smile while serving wonderful food and cool beverage. Like sunshine even on a cloudy day.
    Thank you Johnna for sharing about Hester.
    Peace, Robin


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