He arrived on Saturday, the latest addition to the family. My younger son got him at the Dartmouth animal shelter. He’s fun, friendly, and Jared will name him in the next couple of days.

Until he gets used to his new home, Jared is keeping doors to the bedrooms closed, and has moved the litter box up from the basement. Too much unfamiliar space can be overwhelming for a kitten, so smaller means safer at this point.

This won’t always be true, but for now limiting space is an act of love. Physically smaller can be emotionally and existentially beautiful – much like the kitten himself…

4 thoughts on “Smaller

  1. Robin Nielsen

    He’s beautiful!! Good for Jared to have a new housemate!! Looking forward to finding out his name!! Those mesmerizing eyes and sweet little paws 🐾 no wonder Jared wanted to adopt him. Peace, Robin

    1. Johnna Post author

      He captured Jared’s attention and heart in an instant – and he ran right over to him, so I think the feeling was mutual! Thanks, Robin. Peace, Johnna


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