Robin’s Birds

[Robin Nielson’s sister, JoAnn, sent this card – a Unicef offering of beauty that also provides funds for needy children all around the world. It is beautiful in form and intent.]

They land lightly on my window sills, waiting for their turn at the backyard feeder. Sparrows, cardinals, chickadees, finches, and the occasional flock of grackles, crows, or seagulls offer a glimpse of poetry in motion for the paltry cost of a few seeds and bread crusts. Spend  $1.89  for suet and woodpeckers visit; last week, a northern flicker appeared – something I’d never seen before but hope to see again.

They squawk and squabble, they crowd each other out, but they are also grace incarnate. Birds are living symbols of faith, found in the pages of sacred writings throughout the world. The Spirit and peace – a dove. Wisdom an owl. Darkness a raven and death a crow. A cardinal is a messenger from God, or a departed loved one’s spirit. They connect this mundane life of ours to something soaring, something transcendent.

A Christmas card of birds is a reminder that the spiritual life is as real, as common, and as extraordinary as the flight of birds.

Thank you for sharing your card, Robin.

One thought on “Robin’s Birds

  1. Robin Nielsen

    You’re welcome Johanna; definitely a special Christmas card suitable for framing.
    Thank you for posting it on your blog titled “cards”.
    Peace, Robin


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