Make Your Bed

You made your bed, now lay in it…

I’ve never heard it used in a positive sense. It’s often said by someone who wants to reinforce the feeling of guilt or failure already haunting the person it’s aimed at – an additional prick for someone hemmed in by thorns.

I’m not opposed to someone accepting the consequences of bad, destructive, or unwise actions. Sometimes the best thing friends and family can do is to refuse to fix things. Mistakes faced and damage repaired require taking responsibility, and that is a necessary step in growing up. But it’s hard enough to take that step into maturity without adding an extra little bit of weight to the burden. Is it really worth a moment’s satisfaction to make such a remark? Best to keep silent.

But make your bed isn’t the same thing, is it? Make your bed means leave the place in good shape. Make your bed means take the time to create a place that welcomes you when you return. Value yourself highly enough to put in the time and effort to create a hospitable resting place, just as you would for an honored guest. When you flatten out the sheets, as you straighten out the blankets and fluff the pillows, you are doing more than making a bed: you are loving yourself as you would a neighbor.

Dear God, help me to love you this day. In acts big and small, help me love myself as my neighbor. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Make Your Bed

  1. Johnna, Robin and I were discussing your blogs today, particular the ones titled Make Your Bed and Have some breakfast. I get it! I’ve always made my bed because I was told to. But I do appreciate the comfort and warmth I feel when I climb in at night. l like doing something for myself. I also feel lucky and thankful. Then to realize after a good nights sleep I can enjoy a wonderful breakfast, but remembering to make my bed first.

    1. Thanks, Anita! It’s a wonderful thing to jump into bed at night, with sheets and blankets smooth because they were straightened in the morning. Getting up each day to enjoy breakfast and spend a bit of self-care time making the bed is such a gift…peace, Johnna

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