In Two Places At Once

The drill is still in Wareham, along with the level. The spade and my garden bag are here. That’s not a problem until I have a specific task that needs doing – hanging a curtain rod here in Vermont or digging up bulbs there in Massachusetts. So the choice is to buy a second set of supplies or wait until the next trip to get the right tools in the right place. I’d rather not have two of everything, so the tasks will have to wait until the next time I travel from one house to the other. Being in two places at once, calling two places home, has its challenges.

The same is true of my inner life. When I let my mind and spirit wander from one idea to another, when I skip centering my whole self, I find myself without the tools I need to live a life that values God and Neighbor over convenience and distraction. When I move through the daily tasks with my mind in another place, I appreciate neither activity nor thought. Trying to be in two places at once I cannot find either. It’s a peculiar way to get lost. I know the way home, of course; I just have to set my feet on a single path and walk. God and neighbor are still at the path’s end. Along with my whole self.

Minot Forest Trail

4 thoughts on “In Two Places At Once

  1. David Anderson

    For a time we sort of lived in two places–the Rectory in Connecticut and our home in Pennsylvania. Going back and forth was good for us in so many ways, but you’re right–it was also disorienting at times. When we finally moved to PA four years ago, it was good to have one abode.

    1. Johnna Post author

      Thanks, David. It is simpler to have just one home – and a lot easier to find things. I have wrapping paper in one place, but the ribbons and tags are in the other…peace, Johnna

  2. Bill+Albritton

    Remember George Burns and Gracie Allen? George says to Gracie “you can’t be in two places at the same time”. Gracie retorts, “but George, Boston and New York are”.

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