My assumptions will prevent me from a deeper understanding of almost everything – even if those assumptions were fairly accurate at some point. If I expect to find only weeds in an untended garden bed, I’ll be blind to the wild strawberries and chives gracing the space.

The same is true of God: how can I encounter God if I’m not willing to admit that any idea I have about God is partial, and may prevent me from living into a love so marvelous that it is beyond words to express?

Sadly, this unwillingness to let go of my current view of God is often commended as remaining true to the faith rather than seen as what it is: ignorance.

2 thoughts on “Expected

  1. David Anderson

    Love that Thich Nhat Hanh quote. I have a quote scribbled on a piece of paper on y desk–don’t know where I saw it. It’s John O’Donohue. “When we approach great things with reverence, great things approach us.” The spiritual realm is dynamic and responsice. It’s HOW we approach things that determines the outcome–it’s the frame of mind we bring to the encounter that shapes the experience.


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