Remembering Larry

Larry was on staff at the Evangelical Free church, but he was the youth pastor for the whole town of Canon City. He kept late hours and brought home a lot of teens who needed a safe place to land; the court system assigned troubled youth to Larry, giving them a chance to stay out of the criminal justice system. He had a good number of parents and non-parents who supported his work as chaperones, snack suppliers, and even a backyard pool for parties. He laughed easily and often. He said I love you, brother without reservation.

His love for Jesus and the people of Canon City changed the world. So many men and women grew in faith because Larry saw in them a child of God and a gift to the world – including my husband, Dave. His twenty-three years of ordained ministry began in Larry’s youth group.

Thank you, gracious God, for Larry Weaver. Amen.

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