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It started with a chocolate cream pie one August morning in 2002 – that’s when Joan entered the book of my life and my family entered hers. It continued when she introduced my four year old son to her tree swing, and admired my one year old’s toy car. She was expecting us that August because we were staying in the beach house that belonged to her son and daughter-in-law, just a few hundred feet from her door. I wasn’t expecting a kind gesture or a warm welcome for my family; had Joan never bothered with us, I’d never  have known what I was missing. My life, my family’s life story, would have been the poorer for her absence.

Joan came into our family story, but she didn’t come alone. She brought her husband, Ben. Ben and Lena, the next generation down, added their family stories to the book of our lives – adventures of family who lived in the beach house long before it sheltered us, and the secret toy stash hidden below the bookshelf. Joan’s daughter and husband, Jaime and Larry, added their stories as well – and a quick guide to the best asian food in the area.

Over the years, Joan and her family brought more blessings than I can list. Her husband and son made beautiful benches for a library garden project I was working on; my father got a tour of the family oyster business – something he treasured long after he had returned home to New Hampshire. Joan was kind enough to accept soup and bread every so often because she knew it was an expression of love from me and mine to her and hers.

Yesterday, I stood with my husband beside the place where Joan is resting after a life well lived. Surrounded by her family and the friends who were her larger family, we said our farewells and thanks to her. How much she was loved and how well she loved is written in the book of life that holds all of our sacred stories. It’s an honor to be included in Joan’s story – a gift that came only because we opened our books to each other.

Child of God, daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, friend. Your book is truly a book of love…

[Peter Gabriel, The Book of LoveShall We Dance (sound track), Casablanca Records, October 12, 2004

7 thoughts on “Open Your Books

  1. Thank you for sharing your story about Joan. She seemed just lovely, gracious and hospitable. To be remembered like Joan, when our time on earth is done.

    1. Thanks, Robin. She was a gift to my life, and the lives of so many others I’ll never know. As are you! peace, Johnna

  2. I just want to thank you for posting this beautiful song “the Book of Love”, Peter Gabriel. I have put it on my list of songs for my son Peter to put on the next CD he will make for me.

    1. You are welcome, Robin. I cried when I first heard it in “Shall We Dance,” and am still moved by it. Peace, Johnna

  3. Every school day I remember hearing “Rise N Shine”. Both parents worked in my teens so i heard “come straight home after school and start supper at 4:00. Call me if you need instructions.” I would call my mom everyday at her office as soon as I walked in the door whether or not I needed help. It’s just what I did and still do today. Mom will be 83 this year and moving to FL was absolutely the best decision I made for both of us. I get to see and talk to her everyday! Yea!

    1. Hi Kim,
      I am glad to hear that the move to Florida has brought good things. I remember Rise N Shine, too! Thanks for reading. peace, Johnna

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