For now we see in a mirror, dimly…Now I know only in part; then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known… ICorinthians 13: 12

Canterbury Road

Perhaps because I cannot see everything, I appreciate what I can see – and recognize that even on the clearest of days I cannot see it all.

Vermont Fog
Night on the Green Mountains

What limits my vision may help me love what I can see, even when I know I am not seeing everything. What limits my vision may also help me love what I cannot see. After all, if what I see is any indication, imperfect as it is and imperfect as I am, what I cannot see is bound to hold something mysterious, imperfect, and lovable.

Letting go of what doesn’t matter: The assumption that I need to see all that life offers in its entirety before I can love it.

Loving what does: Everything.

High Street in Snow

2 thoughts on “Obscured

  1. David Anderson

    That “now I know in part” is the perfect epigraph for this piece. And you’re helping us to love what is partial, incomplete, not yet perfect–in other words, Reality.

  2. Johnna Post author

    Thanks, David. I figure it’s love what is partially known or there won’t be anything to love…peace, Johnna


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